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Past, Present, and Future

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Improbable Cause Murder Mystery Theatre is family entertainment which features local professional and non-professional actors in a live, interactive and comedic experience with audience members as they work individually (or in groups) to solve the "murder" through physical clues, spoken dialogue and inferred character motives. In this 90-120 minute show, audiences enjoy a delicious meal and great entertainment at a local restaurant or venue which brings in revenue for the client and supports the Gulf Coast arts community. Improbable Cause Mystery Theatre was founded by owner Nicole Dickson in the Spring of 2017 and has been in operation in the Pensacola area since that time. In January 2020 ICMT expanded its reach to venues in the greater Gulf Coast area. Improbable Cause Mystery Theatre is currently managed in Pensacola by ICMT members Clayton Habecker & Brandon Mayo; and by founder Nicole Dickson in the expansion beyond Pensacola (known as Improbable Cause Mystery Theatre Gulf Coast). ICMT can also be contracted for private events & corporate functions separate from its monthly venue shows.

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